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Sakura Watch Face

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Sakura watch face perfect for round and square watches!Features and settings:✔ 16 presets to get your watch more beautiful✔ Background customization✔ Enable/Disable stars✔ Enable/Disable moon✔ Enable/Disable mountain✔ Works for round and square watches✔ Optional digital clock (24 hour or 12 hour)✔ Weather indicator, Celsius or Fahrenheit✔ Weather icons✔ Weather update interval✔ Multiple time zones✔ Date indicator
Notice: all settings are accessible via Android Wear Application on the phone, select "Sakura Watch Face" and click a "gear icon" on it.
To install the watch face1. After install run 'Resync app' on Android Wear App.2. Long press your android wear watch and choose "Sakura Watch Face" as your watch face, or select the watch face using the Android Wear app.